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You said...We did

Acting on your Feedback

In the 2013 Department of Pathology survey of postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers…

• Male/female postgrads and postdocs strongly agreed that women are underrepresented in senior academic positions in the Department:

We have increased the number of senior academic women from 19% to 34%

 • Male/female postdocs disagreed that women are perceived as good leaders in science.

We have encouraged women to take on leadership roles:

Deputy Head of Department, Head of Division, Gender Champion

• Male and female postdocs disagreed that it is possible to have children whilst maintaining a successful scientific career:

We have introduced a Carer’s Fund to help fund caring costs (up to £250) while you attend conferences or seminars.

• Female postgrads and postdocs agreed that gender is a barrier to career progression and disagreed that women have the same chances as men of career progression in the Department:

We have introduced the Path Mentor scheme to give everyone equal access to a broad network of mentors who can provide advice and support on career development.


Supporting Career Progression




Supporting Career Progression: PathMentors

• Fellowship applications, grant applications, thesis writing, manuscript writing, winning funding for travel and training.

• Career paths in academia, industry and alternate streams (publishing, law, business, consulting, finance, teaching, medicine), Career breaks.

• CV writing, networking, conferencing, presentations.

• Teaching, department governance.

Supporting Career Progression: PhD and PostDoc

PhD student and PostDoc survey:

What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong?

Live now online!

PostDocs on committees:

Learn how the department works. We need volunteers for:

Teaching Tripos Committee, Safety Committee, Biological Safety Committee, Energy Strategy Committee, Information and Resources Committee, Public Engagement and Outreach Committee.

Do you want to join the PostDoc committee?

Come have a chat or email Ben Skinner.